About us

OfficePartnerServices.com is a provider of innovative cost-effective fully fledged and virtual offices solutions, offering its services to international businesses, companies, start-ups and individuals.

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OfficePartnerServices.com operates from its prestigious business address in one of the most reputable location in Limassol, Cyprus.

OfficePartnerServices.com office suites are fully furnished and equipped with modern office furniture and latest state of-the-art equipment in an elegant and professional environment. Combining all of the above with the latest IT infrastructure, officepartnerservices.com is providing one of the best available solutions in virtual and fully serviced offices industry.

OfficePartnerServices.com services and solutions can widely be utilized by investors using Cyprus as the jurisdiction for their operations and activities in order to comply with OECD’s and European Commission’s latest decisions on economic substance. Economic substance is now an absolute necessity due to the fact that a transaction or entity must have an economic purpose besides reducing tax liability in order to be considered as valid.


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